Lots of Goings On

That’s right! Lots of goings on have been… well… going on. Haha! First off, yay for warm weather! The weather is finally nice and so I’ve been enjoying the outdoors when ever possible. So glad to be able to go outside again and not nearly freeze to death. Also, I’m back to work, so my time for working on my jewelry has been cut down a bit. That’s okay, however, because I’m going to keep doing that and my record art! That’s right! Record art. I have made a few things out of old vinyl records that are currently up for sale on my Etsy. There will be plenty more to come on that front as well. I love working with vinyl, but I don’t get much of a chance to do it very often.
Speaking of Etsy, I will be appearing in three upcoming showcases this month. So, if you go to etsy on one of the three days they showcase me, you’re liable to come across me in some way, shape, or fashion. Also, I’m pleased to say, I have been in four treasuries so far and have made three. All I have to say is I love Etsy. It’s so much fun to use and experience.
In other news, I have added some events for 2011 in my Events section. The first of which will be Grape Jamboree in September. I will be entering the art show once again and possibly doing some other activities during that weekend as well. The second of which is the 37th Annual Holiday Mart in Tallmadge, OH. I will be a vendor there, so be sure to stop by! The third event is Midwest Furfest in Chicago. This will be my second year in attendance. I may do artist alley, but I’m not sure if I’m going to yet and I may enter the art show. As the time draws closer, I’ll be sure to update as to what I’m doing. Mostly, at MFF, I want to have fun. Those are the events that I’ve added for the moment. I know there will be other things coming up before that and during the summer, I’m just not quite sure what those will be as of yet. As information comes available, I will post them up in the Events section.
The creativity is just flowly like made with me lately. I’ve been taking more and more photos and I’ve started writing again (yay!) and have a couple of songs finished. I’ll be post them as soon as I get around to recording them with a guitar or something.
So, I think I’m going to end this post by showing you some of the pieces I’ve done lately. Most of these are up for sale on my Etsy. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or see something you want that is no longer available, I gladly take commissions. Just feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss what ever idea you may have in mind.

Record Art:

Shell Involvement (I’ve started playing with shells):

More Jewelry Fun:


More creations are to come! There will possibly even be a Ustream, this week, while I work on some commissions, so be sure to follow me on Twitter so you know when that happens! Thanks for stopping by!


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