While searching for beach glass…

Since it’s a lazy rainy day and I’m being a bit lazy at the moment, I thought I would turn my laziness into productivity and share with you all some photos I took on an outing the other day. A friend called me up and asked if I’d like to go searching for beach glass with her. It wasn’t the warmest day, but it wasn’t bad. We didn’t, however, anticipate the wind, but as you can see from my first picture up top, we had fun with it.
The first place we stopped was a beach called Walnut Beach. It has an awesome stone break wall which I was happy to get some pictures of. We found a few tiny shells and a few pieces of beach glass, took some fun pictures in the wind, and then left to get something to eat. After we got some quick food, we went to Lakeshore Park. When we parked, we saw a HUGE driftwood tree and just had to go check it out and, of course, climb on it. It had to be at least 50-60 feet long. Unfortunately, our fun was cut short because once again, it started to rain. However, I did get a few nice and fun pictures in before we had to go back to the car. If you care to see more photos than what I’m sharing in this post, you can do so by visiting my Flickr.

From Walnut Beach:

From Lakeshore Park:

If you look in the second photo, you can see just how big the tree is because my friend is actually standing on it in the middle of the tree. Talk about a big driftwood tree!

The same friend I went hunting for beach glass with woke me up the next day and took me out to do what I lovingly call thrifting, which means we went shopping in some thrift stores. It was a blast! Found a few cool items along the way as well. One of them was my awesome new lamp:

Another was my rockin’ new scarf:

Also, I thought I’d post a photo of a commission of the turtle charm bracelet I just finished last night:

If you are ever interested in commissioning me, feel free to send me an email or you can message me on Etsy.

One last thing I thought I’d mention. In my Contact and Other Sites section, I’ve added a contact form to make contacting me easier than ever! So feel free to leave comments or just simply use the new form!

Thanks for stopping by today! Now, go out and have an adventure! 😀


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