Been crazy busy again…

After being very busy and then procrastination, I’m finally getting around to doing this. Yay! Update time! I’ve been making and creating lots of new things and have some new things up for sale in the shop! Between making new stuff and doing some commissions, I’ve been quite busy creating and I’ve loved every minute of it! In the shop, I have some new necklaces, hair sticks, a new pair of earrings, a new key chain, and just in time for Easter, a chainmaille rosary! I’m going to make another version, with any luck, in the next few days as well. I’ve also made a chainmaille ring! Color variations coming soon. So, go grab the new stuff while they’re still there! I also have a few new things in the works, some involving chainmaille, some not. So stay tuned and keep checking back! I hope to have a few new things up for grabs by the end of the weekend.
In non-shop related news, I’m still recovering from my leg injury from the end of January, however, I’ve been having some fun in my off time as well. Recovery has been slow going, but I’ve been making progress and that’s what is most important. I’ve learned in physical therapy there’s such thing as good pain and bad pain when it comes to progress. I’m just happy when progress is made.
I’d like to give a big welcome to spring! Hello spring!! I know I’m a few weeks late on this welcoming, but it’s so good to have some warm weather again. I can’t wait to be able to walk better so I can start going for walks in parks again. Also, my photography will start up again more and more. It’s already started a little, but that will be in a post to come. So, more posts to come in the coming days and weeks, and more fun stuff too! So, stay tuned, keep checking back, and thanks for stopping in today!

New stuff up for sale in the shop:

Some of the commissions have been like what I have up for sale in my shop, but here are a couple other commissions I’ve done recently as well:

D20 wrapped necklace so the D20 can still be taken out to be used in play:

Black and silver cascade bracelet:

More coming soon!


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