Why Chainmaille?

Lately I’ve been asked: Why chainmaille? What made me decide to start doing it? What inspired me to do it? What about your photography? The questions go on and on. However, I’ve decided to answer some of them here tonight.

Why chainmaille?

I’ve always thought chainmaille is beautiful. It’s very tedious, very intricate, extremely expressive and versatile art. There are so many things you can do with small metal rings. It’s amazing the things you can create. Each piece is unique in it’s own way. It’s a great way to express yourself.

What inspired me to make chainmaille?

For years, I attended the medieval faire. Every time I went, I admired the jewelry the artisans made and even bought a few things here and there throughout the years. I’ve always been an admirer of fashion… though my tastes were usually void of the main stream. Well, unless the unusual came to the main stream. 🙂 Then, after high school, a very good friend started traveling and working at medieval fairs around the country. She became a gypsy of sorts. I remember, one time when she was visiting, I watched her make some rings for maille. It intrigued me. For some reason, it sparked the idea in me that I could learn to do it too.

What made me decide to start making chainmaille?

Around Christmas time, I was in the craft store gathering material to make my family blankets for gifts when I saw some aluminum pre-made maille rings. The memories of the beautiful crafts I used to admire and watching my friend make rings came flooding back to me. So, to experiment, I decided to pick up a couple of packages and play around with them. I started to enjoy it. In fact, it was actually both fun and relaxing to me. Art is a way that I breath and to be able to create things from small metal rings was just fun for me. After a while, I decided to start making my own rings. I researched what material to use, how to do it, more and more weaves… I’m always learning something new and bringing creations that I think up to life. It’s just amazing to watch them come to life sometimes. When I injured my leg a month and a half ago, I started doing it more and more. It kept me entertained while I was immobile… and it still is. I look forward to doing it every day.

What about my photography?

I still do my photography, but as I mentioned in my last answer, I was immobilized when I hurt my leg a month and a half ago, so it has really limited my photography. I do plan on doing more and more as I heal. I will still and always will take photos. It will always be one of my biggest passions. So don’t worry! I’ll start posting photos again real soon!

Have any other questions? Feel free to send me a message or a comment and ask! I enjoy answering questions. Thanks for stopping by today!


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