New Banner, Icon and Business Cards

I would first like to draw your attention to my new icon. This is now my icon on etsy and the icon for my website.

Second, I would like to draw your attention to my new banner. It was made by my very talented, very good old friend, Cedar. He’s an amazing web designer and artist, so be sure to go check out his website. If you have him make a site for you, I know you will not be disappointed. Also, if you wish to post my banner on your site, feel free to do so!

Today I placed an order for my business cards. I will hopefully have them by the end of next week. I am very happy with the design and will be sending a few with each order. Here’s a preview:

In other news, my physical therapy to help heal my torn muscle is being productive but painful. I’ve learned there’s such thing as good pain and bad pain. I now know the true meaning to the phrase: feel the burn. Meanwhile, I’ve been working hard on some orders and new jewelry for the shop. I will hopefully have some new items up for sale tonight, along with some St. Patrick’s Day stuff. So, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


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