Back Up and Running Full Throttle!

That’s right folks! I’m back! I know it’s been well over a month and all, but I promise to be more diligent about my posts. I’ve been staying super busy over the past month and a half and when I did find time to update here, I was just too worn out to do it. So, no more procrastination and here’s to what will become more regular updates!
What have I been busy doing, you may ask? Well, Christmas brought with it a lot of Christmas gift related projects. I made everyone in my family fleece blankets, as well as made myself one. I decided to make myself one as a test run to make sure I didn’t screw up anyone else’s blankets and they all turned out wonderfully! On top of that, the holidays in general were difficult for me, but I made the best of them. Add work and snow on top of all of that, and you have one crazy ride!
After the holidays ended, I got busy on starting my online course in medical transcription as well as various other projects. You will start being able to see some of the results of my projects in the upcoming weeks. Plenty of cool photo ideas have been and are being put into action, lots of jewelry ideas are being brought to life, and there’s been plenty of video editing going on.
I have made some additions! If you will notice to the right, I now have a twitter account connected here so I can update ya’ll on what ever I may want to update you on as well as some new photos added to my sidebar. In the photos I’ve posted you’ll find some of the raw images from Christmas that I took. I have some editing I still want to do to some of them, but for the meantime, they are there to look at. Mostly they are some photos I took during December and so far this January. To see them all, visit my Flickr page! I plan to post some artistic photos I’m working sometime in the next few weeks, so be sure to keep looking!
To close things off, I’m going to post a video from just last week when I had fun with a good friend of mine. It’s always good to have some crazy, wacky fun!

Thanks for stopping by and looking, and also thanks for your patience on my return! More photos, videos, and creations to come so please stop by again!


2 thoughts on “Back Up and Running Full Throttle!

  1. I’m back too, after a few weeks of absence ! So I can completely understand if you’re busy in other areas as well, I’m the same myself! I’m afraid the video doesn’t seem to want to play since it says it’s for private viewers… (?)
    I’m looking forward to your other photos!

  2. Welcome back to you too!! I would also like to mention I changed the video so you can see it now. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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