My trip to Chicago for MFF

The trip, overall, was an amazing blast!! I had such a great time! There was lots to see and do and fun furries to hang out with. Definitely planning on doing Midwest FurFest again next year, as well as Anthrocon. I didn’t get much sleep, but it was totally worth it. There were many amazing artists there, as well as vendors and lots of fun to be had as well at the dance and throughout various planned activities. Not to mention the antics that went on with people in suits.
One of my personal favorite things is watching how the fursuiters interact with everyone. It’s so much fun when people get into character. Also, I enjoy watching people’s faces who aren’t furries when they see them. It’s hilarious. They have no idea what’s going on, but they see a bunch of people dressed up in furry animal costumes. Classic!
Thanks to my friends Bismarck and Sera, in addition to my photos, I have been granted the privilege of sharing their photos as well. So, here’s a few on here, and the rest can be seen on my Flickr account. I’ve also attached the Flickr widget here to my blog so it should update every now and then as well.

This was the Hyatt hotel we stayed in and where the convention was held.

Here is a photo of my roommates and I just as we were about to leave.

And here’s a cluster of furries outside of the hotel…

There will be videos on the way and thanks for viewing!


2 thoughts on “My trip to Chicago for MFF

    • Furry is a fandom which I truly love and am getting more and more involved in. It’s fun, creative, and if you have the right mindset, absolutely wonderful. If you have any questions about it, let me know. Plus, I can also help you find a con if you’re interested.

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