Touring Playhouse Square

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I toured Playhouse Square.  It was really cool!  We were able to see all of the theaters, hear about some of the history, and we able to see all of the behind the scenes things. 🙂  So, without further adieu, I present my photos from the tour.…


Metal Etched Pendants

For a couple of months, I teamed up with my friend over at From the Deep Jewelry and he taught me how to make metal etched jewelry!  I’m no where as good as him, but he was patient and taught me so that I could make some pendants for Christmas for a friend and my…


Life Pendant

It’s the circle of life!!  Pendant.  Life Pendant.  I made a new pendant and it is up in the shop!  It’s already pretty popular and I love how it looks. 🙂  Go check it out! I make them to order and I hope to add them to some local shops soon as well.  🙂  


Women’s March Cleveland

On Saturday, I went to Downtown Cleveland with my best friend and marched with 15,000 other people to support women’s rights.  I know I don’t get very political on here (if at all), so please just hear me out.  I’m not saying that I went to protest president Trump.  I’m not saying what some others are saying when…


Chainmaille Cube

Hello and Happy Monday!  Now on to some projects I’ve been working on.  Behold! My very first ever chainmaille cube!  I was bored, I had the notion to do it, so I did. LOL! It’s a small cube, but I’d like to make even smaller ones.  They make great pendants!


Elegant Metal Lace

This was a design I first made for my grandma for Christmas, and now I’m making it to sell as well.  I felt that this had a very elegant look to it, hence the name choice.  It is also available in an array of colors. 🙂 It’s perfect to wear or buy year round, but…


Blue Hen Falls

During one of my after work adventures, I went down to Blue Hen Falls.  It was more way more deserted than Brandywine Falls, but it was still a very pretty walk. 🙂  I hope to go back again when I have more time and… well… someone with me would be nice. :p It was a…