The Tower in the Fall and The Waterfall

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Ericka and I went out for a little fall time adventure.  She’s never seen or climbed the new observation tower in Perry, so I was sure to take her to that.  The views from the top were amazingly beautiful as always, but this time, there were a lot…


Oracle Pendant

I finally got around to making this and I LOVE how it turned out!! I will be making more and in many different color variations on the scales as well as custom orders!  As soon as I make more and post them in the shop, I’ll be sure to post an update!


Papasan Recovery

Ever since I first experienced a papasan when I was a little kid, I’ve wanted one.  At one point, I had some swivel rockers, but they weren’t the same. But a month ago, when I walked outside one morning to find a perfectly good papasan frame sitting by the dumpster, I pounced on it.  It…


Metal Lace Pendant

I’ve been working on quite a few things lately, but one of the things I’ve created lately is my metal lace pendants.  They are available in a variety of colors and combinations and I’ll be making a few variations of this as well. It was a lot of fun to make! Here is the end…


All My Loving – An Acapella Cover

My good and talented friend, Tails, is always a blast to hang out with, but for the past two years, we’ve talked about singing a duet together.  We were inspired to duet together because whenever we walked to some place, one of us would start singing and the other would jump in.  So, finally, we…


Tunnel Tours and Cleveland Adventures

Sorry about the delay in postings, but life kind of got in the way of posting some blogs, but here I am!  Now, without further adieu, let me tell you of what I got up to last weekend. Last weekend, my friend Brandy and I went into Downtown Cleveland to tour the tunnels underneath the…


Wine Rack Crash

I had a bit of a bad week last week.  Especially Wednesday.  Wednesday was not a happy day.  So, I managed to go to bed early because I was exhausted, only to be woken up at 11:30 pm to a loud crash.  I thought someone had come through my living room window and it terrified…